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If the items does not work, please make sure the following conditions: Please make sure you have the AE plugin-”Element 3D” and can be run correctly. Please make sure that the version of “Element 3D”: V2.2.2 Please refer to the “video tutorial 1” copy file to the specified location. Please Close the After Effects and then opened by using After Effects Description:
    1. 1920×1080 Full HD,(Resizable)
    2. High quality 3D models
    3. 2K resolution texture map.
    4. 4 newscaster placeholders.
    5. 10 virtual screens.
    6. 10 text and logo holders.
    7. 270°panoramic Virtual studio High quality.
    8. Real-time preview/faster render.
    9. 3 different hosts can appear at the same time.


  • Video tutorials
  • Copy Model And Maps
  • Change The Announcer
  • Change Background
  • Change The LED Video
  • Change The Titel text
  • Change The Camera
  • Change The Composition
  • change Color
  • After Effects CS6 Element 3D v2.2.2

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