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500 physical shaders for Element 3dv2 is here! Suitable for any video projects! Make your video more epic visually and realistic! Awesome for VFX/Motion/3D designers, 3D modeling, Game development, for VR/AR content. Setup very quickly every 3d object and get the best and professional visual quality. Also with this shaders pack you get 25 already epic openers for your logo or text!

REAL shaders pack - 1 REAL shaders pack - 2 REAL shaders pack - 3 REAL shaders pack - 4 REAL shaders pack - 5

Can be used with Unreal engine, Unity and other 3D software

REAL shaders pack - 6 REAL shaders pack - 7 REAL shaders pack - 8 REAL shaders pack - 9

  • Food
  • Glass
  • Ground
  • Metal
  • Paper
  • Plaster(concrete)
  • Plastic
  • Stone
  • Textile
  • Tile(brick)
  • Wood

REAL shaders pack - 10

REAL shaders pack - 11 REAL shaders pack - 12 REAL shaders pack - 13 REAL shaders pack - 14 REAL shaders pack - 15 REAL shaders pack - 16 REAL shaders pack - 17 REAL shaders pack - 18 REAL shaders pack - 19

REAL shaders pack - 20

  • 500 physical shaders for element 3dv2 in 11 categories
  • More than 1500 tiled 4k textures Diffuse, AO, Normal, Specular, Displacement maps.
  • 60 Bevels presets inside Element 3dv2
  • Fully customizable of any parameters for a shader with all possibilities in Element 3dv2
  • 25 already logo openers for simple change on your logo or text
  • Resolution up to 3840×2160
  • Will be great for use in Unreal engine, Unity and other 3D software
  • Video Tutorial included
  • Support of After effects CS6 and above
  • Does not require advanced 3D skills for creating your own logo or presentation.
  • Displacement maps included(real 3D displacement are not supported in Element 3d, so as not to get lost, they were added to the Environment, for use in another 3D software.
  • Great customer support
  • Updates in future

You can make professional video/picture for your logo, openers, presentations in a short time with low cost. The main task of a Real Shaders pack is to simplify your work, increase flexibility, and especially save your time. The project includes more than 1500 4k tiled textures with Diffuse, AO, Normal, Specular, Displacement maps, so you can easily customize all these physical shaders as you like them. Project includes 25 animated epic scenes so you can very fast create your own animations with your logo or text. And included 60 bevels, it is possible to customize your text or logo even faster. Ready-made 500 shaders presets inside Element 3Dv2 will allow you to change very quickly every 3d object and get the best and professional visual quality.

Music use: Track1

Logo use: Logo 1 Logo 2 Logo 3 Logo 4 Logo 5 Logo 6

Font use: Font 1 Font 2

4K video preview

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