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Coronavirus Character Animation DIY Kit - 2 Coronavirus Character Animation DIY Kit - 3 Coronavirus Character Animation DIY Kit - 4 Coronavirus Character Animation DIY Kit - 5 Coronavirus Character Animation DIY Kit - 6 Coronavirus Character Animation DIY Kit - 7 Coronavirus Character Animation DIY Kit - 8 Coronavirus Character Animation DIY Kit - 9

Create catchy explainer videos with this unique, modular, 3D character animation kit!

  • Compatible with old versions of After Effects (for After Effects CS4 and newer).
  • Works for 1080p and 720p projects. (the animations are in 1500×1500)
  • No plug-ins required.
  • Easily change the colors of the Coronavirus character – body, limbs, nails, eyes, teeth, antennas and the shadow opacity in all animations together with custom controls.
  • All animations can be combined with each other.
  • Full control over the idle time. (e.g. control how long the character stays with his hands crossed or how long a text is presented on the board)
  • Unlimited number of placeholders in the animations where the Coronavirus character is showing content on the board and catching texts. You can add texts and images inside the placeholders (videos are not supported).
  • Speech bubble and thinking bubble animations are included.
  • Use multiple versions of the character in a single project (for example one blue Coronavirus and one red Coronavirus in the same comp).
  • Video tutorials included.
  • PDF Documentation included.
  • The font used in the preview is free. There is a download link in the documentation.
  • You can get the music used in the preview HERE. “Upbeat Fun” by soundengine.

List of all animations

agree, angry, appear from top, blink, wink, happy, idle, board present, catch something, cross hands, drag right/left, hello, look up/down, look top left/right, look middle left/right, point up/down, point middle left/right, point top left/right, point bottom left/right, point left/right three times, present left/right, push left/right, walk left/right, walk front, look disappointed left/right, sad, clap, scratch head, thumb up, don’t know, surprised, talk 4 loops, lip-sync (mouth poses), step left/right, dance 1, dance 2, finger snap, presentation click, what?, tired / bored, scared fall on his bottom, run left/right, run front, drop dead

If you are just starting with After Effects I recommend taking a look at Victor Promotes, Bobby Promotes and Logo with George. These projects are very easy to customize and require basic AE skills like importing image, adding text to a composition and rendering a project.

Coronavirus Character Animation DIY Kit - 10

COVID-19 Get the latest information from the WHO about coronavirus.

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